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Genel is a spinoff of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) Biomics Lab in Grenoble, France, where Genel co-founder Gaelle Saint-Auret conducted research under Xavier Gidrol, a pioneer in the development and acceptance of functional genomics in France. Xavier played a pivotal role in Genel's future decision to focus on this exciting field.

Gaelle Saint-Auret earned her Ph.D. in functional genomics from the University of Rouen, France. Her early research included helping to set up a genomics platform dedicated to the development of new therapeutics for liver cancer. She began working with Xavier Gidrol in 2007, while she was completing her Ph.D. at the University of Rouen. Fuelled by their passion for functional genomics, the pair decided to ramp up their cooperation; Gaelle joined the CEA Biomics Lab, which Xavier headed. The pair was united by their belief that the breakthrough advancements in RNA interference developed by the CEA Biomics Lab could potentially revolutionize drug discovery.


Philippe Archinard and Tristan Rousselle — today members of Genel's management committee — meet Xavier and Gaelle. They, too, saw the potential of RNAi technologies to lay the foundation for innovative new tools and therapeutic strategies and shape the future of personalized medicine. As the team prepared to found the new company, Genel, Gaelle decided to round out her science background by furthering her education at leading business school HEC Paris. The Genel management team honed their strategy, establishing a strong positioning in customized solutions leveraging phenotypic screening technologies.


Céline Paillier, who brought with her a 17-year track record in global sales support, joined the team to help turn the project into a viable business.


Genel is striving to carve out a pivotal role for functional genomics in today's fast-paced healthcare landscape.

Genel from RNAi discovery
to personalized medecine