Challenges run high
in Cosmetics

and topics are many and varied

Cosmetics industry need to:
  •     Understand consumers‘ specific needs   
  •     Provide breakthrough scientific innovation   
  •     Develop cosmetic active ingredient even more personalised   
  •     Gain competitive advantage and recover R&D investments  
Thanks to our solutions in epigenetic and functional genomics, we help our clients to overcome all these challenges.

Active ingredient positioning

With over a decade of expertise in functional genomics, we selected more than hundred key genes involved in skin biology processes such as hydratation, aging, melanogenesis,etc. With our genomics solutions, you are capable of investigating the role of your active ingredient on this selection of key genes. In record time and low cost, you will be able:
  •     to validate the effect of your active ingredient on processes of interest   
  •     to identify new biological pathways  

Identifying modes of action

Leveraging our extensive expertise in Cosmetogenomics, we assist you in understanding the mechanisms of action of your active ingredient. Then, you shed light on dermo-cosmetic pathways and you are able: to develop comprehensive product range. By elucidating how your best active ingredients work and how they modulate key genes, you could select new cosmetic ingredients acting through this same mechanism of actions. Then you could expand your product range. to predict cytotoxicity. Knowing its mechanism of action, we will be able to predict side effects due to activation or inhibition of a specific pathway by your active ingredient. Thus you could optimize your in vivo tests and even more adapt your formulation. Our extensive portfolio of services helps you to enhance your active ingredients efficacy, find new claims and gain a competitive edge.
Reveal the power
of your cosmetic ingredient