We have a scientific expertise in a large panel of human primary cells to mimic the real physiological response: keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes, adipocytes, endothelial cells and co-cultures.

Our capacities
  •     Highly technological platform including Biological Safety level 2 Lab (BSL2 lab)   
  •     Expert knowledge: cellular and molecular biologists, bioinformatics experts, PhD in Biology   
  •     Transparency and validation at each step of the process   
  •     Work within your time frame  

Gene Expression Profiling - GenScreening

Gain competitive advantage with your best active ingredient and recover from high R&D investments thanks to repositioning

Genscreening is an innovative solution to reveal the true potentiel of your cosmetic ingredient. We have identified the key genes involved in skin biology processes such as:
  •     Melanogenesis   
  •     Epithelization and wound-healing   
  •     Aging  
  •     Hydration   
  •     Inflammation   
  •     Detoxification…  
Essential process to choose the best ingredient:
  •     1. Treatment using our most relevant cellular model combining your active ingredient - one to several concentrations   
  •     2. Gene expression analysis by RT-QPCR with our pathway-specific array.   
  •     3. Statistical analysis & Biological interpretation  
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Modulation Gene Expression - GenAction

Tell the true story of your active ingredient Reveal the mechanism of action of your best active ingredient and develop your product range
GenAction provides
innovative approaches to:
  •     validate your cosmetic claims   
  •     identify modes of action of your best cosmetic compound on human primary cells   
  •     predict the cytotoxicity of your active ingredient  
Essential steps to understand why your active ingredient is the best:
  •     1. Modulation of regulated proteins and microRNAs - by inhibition and/or over expression   
  •     2. Evaluation of cellular effects by immunofluorescence   
  •     3. Data analysis with dedicated bioinformatics tools & biological interpretation  
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