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With Genel, you get innovative solutions for investigating the complex relationship between human genetics and various disease states

Launching a new drug and making it available to patients and healthcare professionals is not an easy task; it is the result of a long, complex and costly process. Furthermore, drugs that prove effective to one sub-group of patients might very well have very little effect on another sub-group with the same disease. The challenge in healthcare research is to develop new drug candidates that are tailored to the patients’ genetic characteristics and can therefore offer more potent and less toxic treatment. Ambitions run high at Genel and we aim to provide pharmaceutical companies and healthcare laboratories with innovative services and products to maximize their efficiency and speed up the release of new treatments that are adapted to patients. And detailed insights into gene function can be used to: All of which are crucial steps on the path toward truly personalized medicine.

Making personalized medicine a reality

Each patient is unique. And the natural polymorphism of each individual's genes plays a critical role in that individual's risk of contracting certain diseases. Personalized medicine will become increasingly prevalent in our rapidly-evolving healthcare landscape, bringing with it better diagnoses, treatments, and prognoses. However, the road to truly individualized treatment is paved with challenges. To overcome these challenges, personalized drug therapies must look at the genetic and biological characteristics of both patient and tumor. It is these characteristics that will influence treatment choice, drug efficacy, and, ultimately, patient outcomes. At Genel, we believe that truly personalized medicine is possible. And our innovative, effective technologies will help make this vision a reality.
From RNAi discovery to personalized medecine