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A statistically inferred microRNA network identifies breast cancer target miR-940 as an actin cytoskeleton regulator

R Bhajun, L Guyon, A Pitaval, E Sulpice, S Combe, P Obeïd, V Haguet, I Ghorbel, C Lajaunie, X Gidrol

Scientific Reports, 5, 8336; DOI:10.1038/srep08336 (2015)


Facile bench-top fabrication of enclosed circular microchannels provides 3D confined structure for growth of prostate epithelial cells

Dolega ME, Wagh J, Gerbaud S, Kermarrec F, Alcaraz J-P, Martin DK, Gidrol X, Picollet-D’hahan N

PLoS One. - 2014 9:e99416


High-throughput monitoring of major cell functions by means of lensfree video microscopy

Kesavan SV, Momey F, Cioni O, David-Watine B, Dubrulle N, Shorte S, Sulpice E, Freida D, Chalmond B, Dinten JM, Gidrol X, Allier C

Sci Rep. - 2014, 4:5942 2 last authors are co-corresponding


The modulation of attachment, growth and morphology of cancerous prostate cells by polyelectrolyte nanofilms

Picollet-D'hahan et al

Biomaterials. 2013 Dec;34(38):10099-108


Label-free analysis of prostate acini-like 3D structures by lensfree imaging

Dolega ME, Allier C, Vinjimore Kesavan S, Gerbaud S, Kermarrec F, Marcoux P, Dinten JM, Gidrol X, Picollet-D'Hahan N

Biosens Bioelectron. - 2013, 49:176-83. 2 last authors are co-corresponding


Mitochondria, microRNA and RNA interference

Bandiera S1, Barrey E, Ernoult-Lange M, Gidrol X, Henrion-Caude A, Huang L, Saint-Auret G, Weil D

Med Sci (Paris). - 2012 Jan;28(1):23-6

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Cardiac glycosides exert anticancer effects by inducing immunogenic cell death

Menger L, Vacchelli E, Adjemian S, Martins I, Ma Y, Shen S, Yamazaki T, Sukkurwala AQ, Michaud M, Mignot G, Schlemmer F, Sulpice E, Locher C, Gidrol X, Ghiringhelli F, Modjtahedi N, Galluzzi L, André F, Zitvogel L, Kepp O, Kroemer G

Sci Transl Med. - 2012 Jul 18;4(143):143ra99


Control of gene expression by the Retinoic acid-related Orphan Receptor alpha in HepG2 human hepatoma cells

Chauvet C, Vanhoutteghem A, Duhem C, Saint-Auret G, Bois-Joyeux B, Djian P, Staels B, Danan JL

PLoS One. - 2011;6(7):e22545. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022545. Epub 2011 Jul 26


PremicroRNA and mature microRNA in human mitochondria

Barrey E, Saint-Auret G, Bonnamy B, Damas D, Boyer O, Gidrol X

PLoS One. - 2011;6(5):e20220. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0020220


Characterization of the transcriptional signature of C/EBPbeta isoforms (LAP/LIP) in Hep3B cells: Implication of LIP in pro-survival functions

Saint-Auret G, Danan JL, Hiron M, Blache C, Sulpice E, Tendil S, Daveau M, Gidrol X, Salier JP

J Hepatol. - 2011 Jun;54(6):1185-94


The transcriptional signature of C/EBPβ identifies new HCC subgroups with high tumor aggressivity

Saint-Auret G, Hiron M, Tendil S, Blache C, Danan JL, Daveau M, Gidrol X, Salier JP

J. of Herpathology. - 2011, 54:1185-94. 2 last authors are co-corresponding


Large scale RNAi screen reveals that the inhibitor of DNA binding 2 (ID2) protein is repressed by p53 family member p63 and functions in human keratinocyte differentiation

Wu N, Castel D, Debily MA, Vigano MA, Alibert O, Mantovani R, Iljin K, Romeo PH, Gidrol X

J Biol Chem. - 2011 Jun 10;286(23):20870-9


2D and 3D cell microarrays in pharmacology

Gidrol X, Fouqué B, Ghenim L, Haguet V, Picollet-D'hahan N, Schaack B

Curr Opin Pharmacol. - 2009 Oct;9(5):664-8. Epub 2009 Jun 10. Review


Downregulated expression of the TSAP6 protein in liver is associated with a transition from cirrhosis to hepatocellular carcinoma

Caillot F, Daveau R, Daveau M, Lubrano J, Saint-Auret G, Hiron M, Goria O, Scotte M, Francois A, Salier JP

Histopathology. - 2009 Feb;54(3):319-27


Cell microarray for functional exploration of genome

Castel D, Debily MA, Pitaval A, Gidrol X

Methods Mol Biol. - 2007;381:375-84


Cell microarrays in drug discovery

Castel D, Pitaval A, Debily MA, Gidrol X

Drug Discov Today. - 2006 Jul;11(13-14):616-22. Review


Quantitative analysis of highly parallel transfection in cell microarrays

Baghdoyan S, Roupioz Y, Pitaval A, Castel D, Khomyakova E, Papine A, Soussaline F, Gidrol X

Nucleic Acids Res. - 2004 May 21;32(9):e77

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