More sensitive and more specific


A new cell-by-cell score

Innovative statistical data processing dedicated to High-content Screening using physiological cellular models

Cell function is influenced by parameters like genetic material and micro-environmental stimuli. Our aim is to conduct phenotypic screening on cells (primary cells from healthy or tumor tissue) with a genetic background as close to actual physiological conditions as possible.

These physiological cellular models present technical contraints:

  •     Low transfection rates
  •     Low number of cells
  •     High-variability between cell responses  

To overcome these challenges, we developed G-score

G-score is a robust statistical score, based on an individual cell fluorescence rank. This score takes into account:

  •     The number of cells per well
  •     The number of wells per treatment
  •     The cell response variability between wells  

G-score vs classical score in noisy situation:

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G-score is particularly powerful
in the challenging culture conditions of physiological models